Our Story

A dedication to beauty that has continued for three generations.

From our humble beginning as "Melati Salon" in 1953, we now provide the ultimate in quality care, comfort and relaxation in our two hair salons.

The original salon in Ahmad Yani has been fully renovated and is now serving customers in its spacious and modern setting. In 2011, the second New Melati Salon was opened in Renon.

From the moment you step into our salon, our mission is to fulfill your beauty desires and show you our deep commitment to service.

Everything we do, from our modern salon interior to thoughtful snacks that accompany your treatments, New Melati Salon strives to provide professional environment yet with a friendly touch.

We look forward to being part of your beauty story.
New Melati salon Bali

Beauty is being the best possible version of yourself,
on the inside and out.



Our Team

Swan Dewi Swan Dewi Art Director

Bali’s one of most sought-after professional hair stylist and make up artist, Dewi has been active in the beauty industry for nearly 20 years.

Dewi has been trained by prominent names in the industry including Rever Academy, Jonny Danuarta (alm.), Vidal Sassoon in London, Aqua Salon in Japan, Toni & Guy in Hong Kong and Mao Geping in Shanghai.

-New Melati salon Bali-

Over 50 professionally-trained stylists and therapists.


Make Up

Hair Fashion, Make Up & Bridal

To the Beach

Hair Fashion

Wild River

Make Up & Bridal

Girl by the Lake

Hair Fashion, Make Up & Bridal

Beach Dusk

Make Up & Bridal

In the Forest

Make Up & Bridal

Across the River

Hair Fashion

Spice Up Your World

Hair Fashion



The widely-recognized brand of most advanced formulations, most luxurious environments and expertise to transform hair beauty into a skilful artform.


With 2,900 researchers and over 500 new patents registered annually, Loreal is one of the most trusted hair care brands and products, proven for their commitment to quality and scientific innovations.


A cult following has been established for this range of stylers allowing consumers and salon professionals to create curls, waves, flicks and perfect straight hair.

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    New Melati Salon – Ahmad Yani
    Jalan Blambangan No. 1
    Denpasar, Bali
    Tel: (0361) 428893 & 418814
    Email: info@newmelatisalon.com

    New Melati Salon – Badak Agung, Renon
    Jalan Badak Agung No. 11
    Renon, Denpasar, Bali
    Tel: (0361) 254516 & +62 85100464898
    Email: info@newmelatisalon.com

    For bridal hair do & make up, please contact:
    +62 812 386 9626
    Email: info@newmelatisalon.com